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Time to Upgrade your Computer?

Is your Computer running slow, giving you endless problems or just not running the way it did when you first bought it?

You may now be considering buying a whole new computer?

Maybe you don't need to...rather than spending $1000's on a new computer, you might be able to upgrade your existing computer for a fraction of the cost. But give you the "New Computer" experience and feel.

The vast majority of computers up until about 2 or 3 years ago came with a HDD (Hard Disk Drive). These have a lot of storage capacity however, do come with moving such, will depreciate over time. Nowadays, you have the option of an SSD (Solid State Drive). These have no moving parts, are vastly quicker and will last a lot longer.

At Tek Doctor, we can upgrade your computer (Windows or MAC) with an SSD, whilst maintaining all of your current Settings, Data and Applications.

We only charge $100 per device for this service plus the cost of the SSD. To give you an idea of costs...a 1TB SSD will set you back approximately $250. 1TB is more than enough to run a personal computer.

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion about upgrading your computer.


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