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Happy New Year and Good Luck with your Tech-Resolutions!

Happy New Year to All.

As we toast in 2019, many of us are thinking of New Year Resolutions: Eat healthier |Exercise more |Dry January | Lose Weight….and so on.

Maybe we should do Tech Resolutions!

What’s a Tech Resolution I hear you ask. Well, they are simply tech-orientated habits that we either need to break or adopt.

Here at Tek Doctor, we’ve compiled a list of such Tech Resolutions you might considering following (In no particular order):

Detox your email inbox

How much time do you spend swiping away junk mail on your phone or computer? Probably more time than you expect.

Spending as little as a minute a day, you can unsubscribe from 5 unwanted mailing lists and in no time at all, your inbox will be clear as a bell, only receiving emails that you really want.

Be Nicer Online

The internet can be a toxic place at times. Full of trolls at the very least. Ask yourself “Am I part of the problem?” If you have a difference of opinion from a blogger, author, journo or fellow contributor, just let it go. They shouldn’t be subjected to attacks from behind the tech curtain as it were.

If you do need to reply, think before you type and put yourself in their position and think about how you’d feel being on the receiving end of what you had typed.

Save Paper and Ink

This is a fairly easy one but, always worth considering. Maybe ask yourself “Do I really need a hard copy, or can I just save as a PDF?” If you decide that it is essential to have a hard copy, then consider 2-sided printing or better yet, you can print 2 pages book-style onto one side of a piece of paper…ergo, use only one piece of paper to print 4 pages.

Switch to Aeroplane Mode during a Workout

It’s pretty inevitable that you use your phone to listen to a playlist during a workout. Although music is a proven way to pump up your effort, stopping mid-interval to answer a text or like an Instagram photo isn’t the most productive way to burn calories. Before you lace up to exercise, turn your phone to aeroplane mode or do not disturb, so there’s no temptation to check it. In-turn, you’ll be more likely to reach that blissed-out, endorphin-soaked mindset by focusing on your workout, rather than your social network.

Buy an Alarm Clock

According to a recent survey 50 percent of the Western world reported sleeping with their devices next to their beds, and another 15 percent leave theirs somewhere out of reach in their bedrooms. If you do so because your phone doubles as your alarm, watch out. You’re inviting the whole world—every Facebook friend, reporter, blogger—into bed with you. Switch to a real alarm clock, and when it buzzes, give yourself 10 to 20 minutes, or even an hour, to ignore your devices as you prep for the day. You’ll be able to start your day on your own terms, not someone else’s and feel more inspired, rested and less anxious.

OK those are just a few potential Tech-Resolutions you could be doing, there are probably countless more. Good Luck!

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