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How to use keyboard shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad.

Do you get annoyed at Auto-Correct changing your words or are tired of typing out long words, names, email addresses etc when composing an email or message on your iPhone/iPad?

Well, save yourself some time and maybe your sanity by setting up some keyboard shortcuts. for words used on a regular basis.

Fortunately, your device comes with a shortcut already configured out of the box. "omw" translating to "On my way!" So can give you a good starting point.

Here's how to create your own:

Navigate to Settings > General and tap Keyboard, then Text Replacement:

Tap on the + In the Top righthand corner to add a new shortcut. Here we'll set-up a new phrase to translate "mt" to "Many Thanks" (Just because I like to sign off my emails that way). Then Save the entry.

Now that you have the shortcuts set up, you can type your SMS/iMessage or email. Type in your shortcut , press space and you're done!:

An additional benefit, is that if you have more than one Apple device such as a Mac, AND use iCloud, then your shortcuts will be available on all devices.

For the more nefarious of us, this also a good way to stop Auto-Correct interfering when we are cursing. (Not that Tek Doctor in anyway would endorse such language).

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