Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts to make your life easier

Using Keyboard shortcuts is a great way to make your life easier. Not only can they increase productivity but, can also help prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Below are the Top 10 shortcuts we recommend learning and digesting to make your computing life easier.

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1. Alt + Tab

With this shortcut you are able to switch easily between different windows you have open. For example, switching between your Email client such as Outlook and your Internet Browser such as Google Chrome.

Keeping your finger on the Alt key will show you which windows you currently have open and then you are able to keep pressing the Tab key to select which window you want.

2. Ctrl + Tab

This shortcut allows you to switch to the next tab in a single program such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

NB. For Mac Users, Ctrl is replaced with the Cmd Key

3. Ctrl + number (1-9)

Similar to Ctrl + Tab, this shortcut allows you to select the exact tab you want to view. For example, pressing Ctrl + 5, will take you to the 5th tab.

NB. For Mac Users, Ctrl is replaced with the Cmd Key

4. Ctrl + a