Top Tips and Tricks that every iPad User should know.

Tablets such as iPads are in common use these days. Whether you're a beginner or have been using your iPad for a while, its always handy to know you're using the iPad to it's full capabilities.

There are many different Tips and Tricks to using your iPad, the list is endless. So we have shortlisted 10 which we hope will be of use to all levels of user.

Most of these are applicable to iPhones as well.

1. Access Camera when iPad is locked

Home Button

You don't actually need to unlock your iPad, find and select the Camera App on the iPad to take Photos or Videos.

Simply Pressing the Home button once and swiping the screen left will take you directly to the Camera App.

Don't worry about security too. Whilst this shortcut allows you to access the Camera, it doesn't allow access to the Photos or Videos you have already taken.

2. Closing Apps

Pressing the Home button doesn't actually close the App. All this does is essentially minimise it. As such the App will run in the background, potentially using up your Battery Life and Data Usage.