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Top Tips to make you Google like a Pro

Everyone is familiar with using Google to find what they're looking for. Type in a few words and Hey Presto!, you've found what you're looking for. Right?

Well, maybe not. Google can offer a lot more in terms of How to search, shortcuts and much more.

Below are the Top Tips we think everyone should know. Give them a try!

  • Exact Searches

Google often returns results with many connotations of the words you have entered. Searching with quotation marks will return results with the exact phrase you have entered.

For Example. Searching for "Give a Man a Fish" will give you that phrase.

  • Wildcard Searches

There may be times where you're thinking of a phrase or quote and missing/forgot one or more of the words. You can use an Asterisk to wildcard that search.

For Example: Search for "Give a * a Fish" will return what you're looking for.

  • Excluding Search Results

Using a Hyphen/Minus sign can exclude results from your search. You may want to use this to exclude things like the type of results that Google returns (Maps, Shopping, Images etc). More helpfully certain words.

For Example: You are searching for windows but want to exclude any reference to Microsoft or Maps. Type windows -microsoft -maps

  • Related Websites

Have you have tried to find websites that are similar to ones you already know? With Google, there is a quick way to list all such sites. Start your search with related: followed by the website address, and that will list them.

For Example: Search will return related sites to

  • Cached Sites

Have you ever gone to website and thought "It's changed, I wanted to see what was there yesterday!". With Google you can. Search for the website in question from the Google Home Page and once the results are returned, you can click on the green arrow next to the result and Select Cached:

NB. How long Google keeps the cached information is dependant on the website in question.

  • Local Weather

Whether you're looking for the weather forecast for where you are or going to be, Google allows you to be more precise with just a quick search. Type weather: followed by the location...either Town/City or Postcode and it will return the forecast for next 7 days.

For Example: Search weather:2066 for the Postcode result

  • Timer/Stopwatch

If you haven't got immediate access to a Stopwatch, Timer or even Smartphone, a quick Google search can help you out.

Simply search Timer: followed the amount of time.

For Example: Search Timer:20 Minutes

  • Calculator/Converter

Google is also a powerful Calculator/Converter. Not only will it do simple arithmetics, it will also do conversions such as lb to kgs or AUD to USD. Entering the calculations or conversions into the search field will give you the result and relevant tools.

For Example, Entering:

50 * 1.6 will give you the result and bring up the Calculator

55 AUD to USD will give you the result and bring up the Currency Converter

85kgs in lbs will give you the result and bring up the Converter Tool.

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