Top Tips to make you Google like a Pro

Everyone is familiar with using Google to find what they're looking for. Type in a few words and Hey Presto!, you've found what you're looking for. Right?

Well, maybe not. Google can offer a lot more in terms of How to search, shortcuts and much more.

Below are the Top Tips we think everyone should know. Give them a try!

  • Exact Searches

Google often returns results with many connotations of the words you have entered. Searching with quotation marks will return results with the exact phrase you have entered.

For Example. Searching for "Give a Man a Fish" will give you that phrase.

  • Wildcard Searches

There may be times where you're thinking of a phrase or quote and missing/forgot one or more of the words. You can use an Asterisk to wildcard that search.

For Example: Search for "Give a * a Fish" will return what you're looking for.

  • Excluding Search Results

Using a Hyphen/Minus sign can exclude results from your search. You may want to use this to exclude things like the type of results that Google returns (Maps, Shopping, Images etc). More helpfully certain words.

For Example: You are searching for windows but want to exclude any reference to Microsoft or Maps. Type windows -microsoft -maps