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Top Tips to prolong your iPhone and iPad Battery

There are many things that can impact the Battery life of your iPhone or iPad, including lots of Apps and how those Apps are being used. We've compiled a list of tweaks you can make to your iPhone or iPad settings which can help you prolong the life of your Battery, keep it charged for longer and even help to charge quicker.

  • Apps running in the Background

Many Apps run in the background, even if you close them down (Force Quit). This is meant to keep the Apps up-to-date in real-time without any user intervention. While this may be true, it can have a severe impact on Battery Usage. You can stop Apps from running in the background by changing a setting on your device called Background App Refresh.

Open the Settings App on your Device and tap General > Background App Refresh. Here you will be presented with the option to switch off Background App Refresh. In addition, it lists all of your Apps and whether they are running in the Background.

We recommend scrolling through the list of Apps to see which ones you may need to keep running in the Background. For Example, any App that sends you notifications that you need real-time, such as Messenger. Or simply switch off Background App Refresh completely if you don't need any Apps to run in the background.

  • Location Services

Many Apps have Location Services functionality, usually for Marketing/Data purposes but, also to make the App more relevant to your location. For example the Weather App. While for some its important to have this setting enabled, it is also using up your battery. You can stop Apps tracking your device location by changing a setting called Location Services.

Open the Settings App on your Device and tap Privacy > Location Services. Here you will be presented with the option to off Location Services. It also list the Apps that have Location Services and what their settings are (Never, While Using or Always).

We recommend scrolling through your Apps and turning off Location Services individually rather than completely. Particularly if you are a regular user of Maps, Weather or have Find iPhone/iPad enabled for example.

For any Apps you do require Location Services turned on, we highly recommend using the setting While Using and never use the Always setting. For every other App, we recommend using Never. Not only will this help your battery but, is also more secure.

  • Battery Usage

The latest versions of iOS now conveniently come with a tool that lets you see which Apps or Services are using your Battery and How.

To access this tool, open the Settings App on your Device and tap Battery. Wait for the Battery Usage to populate and tap Last 7 Days to give you a broader look at consumption.

You will be able to see with Apps or Services are the Top Offenders of Battery consumption.

From here you will then be able to make a decision on whether you disable Background Activity or Location Services as per above or even make the decision to delete the App completely if it is having an adverse impact on your devices battery.

Tapping on any of the Apps shown will also show how long you've spent using the Apps and how long they have been running in the Background over the Last 7 days. So if you are a heavy user of 1 particular App such as a Social Network App for example, it will show a high On Screen usage. So it is advisable to look at the numbers and see how they tally up and are a fair reflection of your usage before removing an App completely.

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