Top Tips to Staying Safe Online

Complex Passwords

Passwords are certainly an annoyance for most normal people. Having to remember which one is for which site and so on. However, in this day and age, it is more important than ever to ensure your passwords are as complex as possible. A recent study of compromised machines globally found that the top 5 passwords were:

  1. 123456

  2. password

  3. 12345678

  4. qwerty

  5. 11111

The rule of thumb for any password, particularly ones you use online is:

  1. At least 8 Characters containing a combination of Capital Letters, Lowercase Letters, Numbers and Symbols.

  2. Don’t use Names, dates of births, consecutive numbers or consecutive letters (be it alphabetical of on a keyboard).

Whilst this will certainly help you to maintain your Online Security, it probably won’t help your sanity in trying to remember every password. Which is where a Password Manager would come in very handy.

Password Managers are programs that can securely store all of your credentials (Usernames and corresponding Passwords) locally on a device such as a PC, Mac or Smartphone, or remotely through an online portal. The Password Manager is than accessible by one Master Password or in some cases by Face ID or Fingerprint recognition.

2 such recommended Password Managers are:

True Key

Supplied by McAfee, it is for free for up to 15 passwords or $19.95 per year for unlimited. Supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Devices

Norton Identity Safe

Supplied by Symantec, it is entirely free.

Also supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Devices